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About the Artist

I have never been a fan of pretentious about pages.  Nor have I been a fan of the pages speaking in the third person.  Forgive me if I just tell you who I am and what I do.

I am a classically trained artist.  I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and perused a career in digital art and design.

My artwork is a culmination of decades of craft and training.  I work in a complex process of Abstract Expressionist Painting.  My work starts as a classical painting typically on a gold gilded panel.  That base painting is digitized and combined using AI (Artificial Intelligence Algorithms) to create an interweaving of digital and traditional processes.  

The resulting artworks are tweaked methodically and repeatedly until a final work is produced.  These painting are completely original to my unique process.  No piece could be created without the original under-paintings nor without the input or advanced algorithms tweaked to give me precise results.  

Paintings go through hundreds of variations and genetic splicing until I am completely pleased with a piece.  

I know the use of computer algorithms and AI is controversial in the fine art community.  It is my hope that the stigma can be removed by more artists using these amazing tools to bring their creations to life.

All my work is printed to the highest archival standards possible.  Prints are all museum quality substrate with archival inks rated at 100+ years.  I produce only one completely original painting of each image.  Those paintings are typically held by collectors or exhibited as part of my work.  Occasionally they do come up for sale.  

Prints are open edition with the exception of hand-embellished closed editions.  Some collectors like the opportunity to own a customized print.  I take their archival print and work directly onto the print with various medium to create a specialized custom print.  Hand embellished prints are completely unique and are issued Certificate of Authenticity for the purchaser.  

If you have a business proposal or interest please use the contact button on the page.  That will allow me to open discussions with you about opportunities.  

Thank you.