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Artful Living

Get lost in beautiful vistas and meditative paintings. Focus on art.

Bring sophistication into your home. 

The Cutting Edge of Fine Art

Learn how these artworks are created

Three Flavors of Art

Archival Print on Paper

Printed on luxurious archival paper, these prints are suitable for framing.  Each print has a hand deckled edging and 1 inch border around the artwork. 

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Gallery Wrap Canvas

Archival canvas wrapped prints offer the feel and experience of painting in its raw form.  The canvase is gallery edged with a 1.5 inch depth.  Canvases are ready to hang or use a floating frame.

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Collector Edition Metal Print

The vivid luxury experiece of this artwork that glows from teh metalic plate it is printed on.  Archival techniques ensure this print will provide a premium beauty for decades.  This is the truest vision of the work.

Experience the Collector's Edition

Create a sacred space with art.

Live, work, and play surrounded by sophisticated ellegance.

Art school?


You got some talent kiddo!

My Neighbor

...exasperated eye roll.

Significant Other


If you actually read this far, then I hope you smiled.  

Smiles are free, the art isn't.